Since the foundation of Vocal Line in 1991 the choir has released six CDs in their own name. The CDs present the best arrangements of the ensemble, and individually express the musical development and story Vocal Line has gone through.


Precious Things

preciousThings.jpgWith their sixth full-length album, Vocal Line explores the things that are precious in life. "Precious Things", the title of the album, is borrowed from Tori Amos ' famous song that defines the underlining thematics through the entire album. As a whole, Vocal Line’s newest arrangements deals with the big themes in life – the things that are most dear to us and therefore the things we are most afraid of losing. On “Precious Things”, Vocal Line paints a picture of life, in all its shades and colors, through interpretations of the works of some of the greatest songwriters of our time - from Kashmir to Oh Land and Björk.

For more than 20 years, Vocal Line have been front-runners for the modern a capella music, nationally as well as internationally. And once again, they have made an album with ambitions that go beyond entertaining with nice pop tunes. The selected songs and arrangements of them are characterized by their depth and ability to convey a message that moves the listener. Vocal Line has – and have always had - the aim to open up the modern choral music to the listener, making it accessible and credible and comparable with other music genres – be it classical or popular music.

Vocal Line is constantly challenging the boundaries of vocal music, something that is also audible in the production of “Precious Things”. The soundstage has been given a more contemporary feel, partly due to a new recording technique, partly because of the involvement of younger forces in the producer chair (Jacob Brøndlund , Aarhus Studio) - but without ever letting go of the well-known and loved, richer Vocal Line tone (Henrik Birk , Corona Music). The same tension between tradition and innovation can be found in the actual arrangements, most of which are made of Line Groth and Jens Johansen. In addition, Tine Fris and Malene Rigtrup each delivered an arrangement to the album.

Beauty In the Breakdown

Beauty in the breakdownVocal Line presents a perfect work of art with its latest CD ”Beauty in the Breakdown”. The album revolves around the contrasts in life, as every breakdown represents opportunities for new life and development. The all-important message on the CD should remind us that when facing challenges in life we find the strength to move on.

With this release Vocal Line has once again been able to develop its characteristic sound where intensity, dynamics and musical interpretation is in the focal point. The ensemble combines complex and soaring sounds with intense interpretations of solid songwriter such as Joni Mitchell, Lisa Nilsson, Björk and Anne Linnet.

Young Danish artists such as Mads Langer and Oh Land are also represented in the choir’s repertoire and the successful singer-songwriter Mads Langer is performing one of his big hits “Fact-fiction” on the new CD.

Beauty in the Breakdown was released on September 1st 2010 and represents the fifth CD from Vocal Line. It is recorded on KaserneScenen in Aarhus and at Corona Music.

Vocal Stories

Shaped by touring in Europe and Asia, Vocal Stories is put together by songs with widely varied musical expressions. The CD presents both experimental, American R&B in arrangements of songs like Aaliyah’s “We need a resolution” and Prince’s legendary “Kiss”, however, the listener can also experience widely painted waves of sound when Vocal Line interprets “Always” by Jonatha Brooke and “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush. Naturally, the characteristic pure and clean vocal expression is represented in, for instance, Leonard Cohen’s wonderful “Hallelujah”.

Vocal Stories is a CD on which sound and production is crucial for the overall experience. Therefore, Vocal Line has collected inspiration from abroad consisting of Freddie Feldman, Dave Sperandio and Bill Hare - three American producers and vocal experts.
The producer team, which also counts our own personal capacity, Henrik Birk Aaboe, has shaped the sound collages to our vocalstories, all of which have contributed to a general musical upgrade of dimensions.

On May 10th 2006, Vocal Stories was released - it is the choir’s fourth CD. It was recorded on KaserneScenen in Aarhus and at Corona Music. The CD was brought together in corporation with the Danish National Radio.

Emotional Landscapes

Emotional Landscapes is a unified album that represents a temporary highlight in the story of Vocal Line. The
songs are tiny, enclosed units that, individually, describe a sentiment, a thought or an idea. Put together, they represent a unity that gathers them around the vocal quality of the music. Particularly, take notice of the light beauty of “Fear”, the ambience of “Blue”, the strong colours of tone in “Still Crazy….” and the dynamics of “Jóga” – from which the album title was derived.

Emotional Landscapes is Vocal Line’s fourth CD. It was recorded on KaserneScenen in Aarhus as well as at Corona Music and is the result of more than one year’s hard work in the studio.

Dream Rhymes

Dream Rhymes is put together by a range of a capella arrangements and is a combination of ambient vocal sound and advanced vocal grooves. In this context, especially the songs “Bästa Vänner”, “Brother Sister” and “Say” deserve to be emphasised – not to mention the strong solo performances.

With the extremely ambient songs, “Mercy Street” and “Sometimes in Life”, Vocal Line shows the ability to interpret deep and meaningful lyrics on the dark sides of life. The CD is beautifully finished of with Jens Johansen’s arrangement of the Danish pop classic, “Det er ikke det du siger”.

Dream Rhymes is Vocal Line’s second CD and was recorded in the Air Play Studio in Aarhus.

Step by Step

Step by Step contains both a capella movements as well as songs with band accompaniment. The songs represent individual expressions that, altogether, paint a clear picture of Vocal Line’s tonal universe.

The album was released in 1996 and, thereby, is Vocal Line’s first record release. It was recorded on the Rhythmic School in Vig and published by the choir.


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  • 2013 Precious Things
  • 2010 Beauty in the Breakdown
  • 2006 Vocal Stories
  • 2003 Emotional Landscapes
  • 1999 Dream Rhymes
  • 1996 Step by Step
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