Vocal Line consists of 30 singers; six 1st sopranos, five 2nd sopranos, four 1st altos, four 2nd altos, three 1st tenors, three 2nd tenors, three 1st basses and two 2nd basses.

The choir has existed since 1991 and is therefore, considering these 25 years of existence, able to unfold a pretty impressive family tree of talented singers. Since the foundation of the choir more than 200 singers have been part of Vocal Line!

To this day Vocal Line consists of a group of talented singers – with very different individual backgrounds.

A big part of the singers are engaged in singing and music on a professional level, apart from these, Vocal Line features several music academy students as well as students from the university education, music science.

Furthermore, the choir houses a number of singers for whom music is a great passion without necessarily making up for a profession. To mention a few: primary and high school teachers, university students and IT employees.

However, common for the singers is a dedication to singing in Vocal Line, a constant effort to maintain the choir’s lead position within the world of a cappella music, and the fact that they altogether form a small family. Vocal Line believes that the diversity of the singers strengthens the choir and contributes to the making of the ensemble’s unique and characteristic sound.

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In order to join Vocal Line, the singers must attend an audition. The competition is hard and only few singers make it alle the way.

Since its foundation in 1991, more than 200 singers have been a part of Vocal Line.

A few singers have been part of Vocal Line ever since 1991. 

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