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Apart from that you are always welcome to direct any question by either contacting Vocal Line’s conductor Jens Johansen or PR-responsible Anne Jensen.

Press releases

Album Press "It´s Coming On Christmas" - nov. 2016

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  • Home city: Aarhus, Denmark
  • Singers: 11 sopranos, 8 altos, 6 tenors, 5 basses – altogether 30 singers
  • Conducting and musical management: Jens Johansen
  • Foundation : 1991
  • Releases: ”Step by Step” (1996), ”Dream Rhymes” (1999), ”Emotional Landscapes”(2003), ”Vocal Stories” (2006), "Beauty in the Breakdown" (2010), "Precious Things" (2013), "It´s Coming On Christmas" (2016)

Vocal Line

  • Vocal Line’s proclaimed goal is to act as a front-runner of the development of rhythmic choir singing, nationally as well as internationally.
  • The music of Vocal Line springs from the Danish choir tradition and represents a strong fusion of rock, pop and jazz.
  • The sound of Vocal Line is characterised by joining grandiose, Nordic tones with personality and empathy in well sounding, richly detailed and experimental arrangements.
  • No one sounds quite like Vocal Line!
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