Conducted concerts

Vocal Line does concerts in both Denmark and around the world. On this page you can get an overview of our upcoming performances as well as practical information about tickets. We look forward to singing for you.  

Esbjerg Gymnasium (DK)
04-10-2017, kl 20.00

Ticket sales 

Folkekirkens Hus, Aalborg (DK)
05-12-2017, kl 19.30

Ticket sales

Filskov Kirke, Billund (DK)
06-12-2017, kl 20.00

Ticket sales TBA

Sct. Pauls Kirke, Aarhus (DK)
13-12-2017, kl 17.00

Ticket sales TBA

Sct. Pauls Kirke, Aarhus (DK)
13-12-2017, kl 20.00

Ticket sales TBA

Christians Kirke, Copenhagen (DK)
24-02-2018, kl 17.00

Ticket sales TBA

Markuskirche, Hannover (D)
10-03-2018, kl 20.00

w. Vivid Voices. Ticket sales TBA

Friedhofskirche, Wuppertal (D)
11-03-2018, kl 20.00

Ticket sales TBA

Pantheon, Bonn (D)
12-03-2018, kl 20.00

w. Bonn Voice, Ticket sales TBA

Brøruphus Efterskole (DK)
21-03-2018, kl 19.30

Ticket sales TBA

Horsens Ny Teater (DK)
18-04-2018, kl 20.00



  • Vocal Line celebrated it´s 25th anniversary with a completely sold out show at Aarhus Musikhus. 70 former and present Vocal Line singers did an extraordinary performance coloured with guests like Julie Maria, Steffen Brandt and Mads Langer.
  • I 2015 Vocal Line toured Brazil and sung a concert as part of the birthday celebration of Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro - the show was TV-transmitted to 180 mio. people.
  • In the Summer of 2014, Vocal Line had the honour of backing The Rolling Stones themselves during their show on Orange Stage at the acclaimed Roskilde Festival. The choir opened and joined the world known tune "You Can't Always Get What You Want".
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