On this page you can buy Vocal Line's music - on both download and CD.


Follow the links to get directly acces to online stores selling Vocal Line's CD releases.



You can purchase the CDs directly from Vocal Line. The prices below include all fees and freight.

Fill out the formular and you will receive the CDs by post along with an invoice.

NEW CD: It´s Coming On Christmas: 20€

Beauty In The Breakdown: 15 €
Vocal Stories: 15 €
Emotional Landscapes: 15 €
Dream Rhymes: 15 €
Step by Step: 15€

BUNDLE DISCOUNT: Buy 3 different Vocal Line CDs for only 40€ incl. postal costs.

Please be aware that the delivery could take up to 14 days. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, do not hesitate to contact CD-coordinator Christian Svane

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  • 2016 It´s Coming On Christmas 
  • 2013 Precious Things
  • 2010 Beauty in the Breakdown
  • 2006 Vocal Stories
  • 2003 Emotional Landscapes
  • 1999 Dream Rhymes
  • 1996 Step by Step
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